Microsoft Access Developer since 1994

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Developing on MS Access since Access 2.0

Seasoned MS Access developer dozens of successful projects for small, medium and large customers.

Highly experienced in Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, VBA, MS Access, MS Office 365 and other technologies.

Extensive experience in banking, mortgage backed securities, state and federal criminal cases, construction, finance, medical, public corruption, real estate, public entities and crossover to a wide range of companies and services.

Pete Bennett
Walnut Creek CA 94596
P: 925-357-0723


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Mortgaged Backed Securities

During the mid ninties to late nineties several contracts were with several major banks ranging from loan origination, to servicing and MBS modeling.

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Police Reports

Having a long investigative case around Pete Bennett he developed a set of databases covering incidents, cases, and conclusions as the number of incidents was becoming very large and unwielding where there was little choice but to track records.

A public type project would be welcomed.

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Excel Programming

The first projects with Excel began in the late eighties utilizing a wide range of solutions for banking, finance, construction, technology companies and businesses. Projects entailed creating worksheets, VBA applications with dynamic linking to large databases such as SQL Server, Progress and Oracle.

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There are dozens of projects involved in a multi-decade operation encompassing customers as Chevron, Wells Fargo, Bank of America. Contra Costa County, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Symantec, General Electric Nuclear, Irwin Home Equity, Genetech, and in addition to developing several software projects with the intent of patentability.

The projects encompassed Windows Servers, SQL Server, MS Access, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Mail Servers for service, installation and operation of web hosting services.


Long before Pete Bennett became a software developer he operated a large 10,000 sf Commercial Cabinet manufacturing operation in Concord and Pittsburg California. From there he opened a small retail computer store in Walnut Creek California which he closed in 1995 to pursue custom programming opportunities at many Fortune 100 companies then expanding nationwide with custom websites, ecommerce sites and custom databases of varying sizes and designs.


When choosing a software developer in todays turbulent times the choices are many but along with choice are risks such as ransomware, hacking, data-breaches, inadvertant loss, fraud and internal scenarios which in the wronghands can undermine your business.

Real Projects

A real project could be small custom database using ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server along with related technologies. The interest in Microsoft centric cloud services, systems and applications would be of great interest.

Missing Persons

Pete has several very unfortunate scenarios connected to several cases of missing persons and deaths connected to missing or found persons. The first case was during his high school years which prompted inclusion in a custom database. Pete has many records as he began collecting data where he found other incidents having similar attributes and characteristics.

These incidents are part of very large series of cases spanning over five decades.

Criminal Cases

Pete Bennett has a very big story around him covering decades of incidents that have connected him to many cases in Contra Costa County, greater bay area, and California but also into other states and countries.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Holes

Mr. Hold found me buy never shared who he was or why he was asking me questions. Then one day he emerges as the DDA that caught the Serial Killer. Many cases are near where Pete resided at since arriving in Contra Costa in 1978. The only changes in Pete's life are he no longer entwined in endess cases leading nowhere.

District Attorney Mark Peterson

I first met district attorney Mark Peterson when he was investigating the 1988 murder of Cynthia Kempf who was friends of mine and my then fiance. Decades later Mr. Peterson was indicted for perjury and he yes he was convicted. My relationship with the offices of the Contra Costa district attorney is best described as strained.